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How to Avoid the Poor Health Effects of Prolonged Sitting

 Modern life has trained most of us to remain seated or standing for a prolonged period of time. This allows us to work hard at certain tasks without interruption, maximizing our market value to companies and, supposedly, increasing our productivity. Even when we retire we carry the same sedentary habits with us. Unfortunately, standing and sitting for so long can do terrible damage to our bodies, yet there is a solution: the following infographic reveals all:
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So, though you may have thought that the key to reversing the poor health effects of sitting is standing, this is not the case. The key is to stand up regularly. Every 20 minutes, take just 2 minutes to move around freely. Even if you are sitting for several hours, provided you break it up with regular 2 minute breaks – and maintain good posture – all will be well.
Why does this happen? When our muscles don’t move or contract, they burn less fuel, leading to a surplus of blood sugar in the bloodstream. This turns into fat, which pools in the legs and heart. Therefore, by moving your body, the blood can start to circulate freely, letting you burn the sugars.
Start implementing this advice right away, and your health will thank you!
Cover image courtesy of Depositphotos
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