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Delicious Microwave Potato Chips


 Hands up if you buy your potato chips from the store! I know I did, but I don't anymore. Not now that I know how easy it is to make the crispiest chips using my microwave and only two minutes of preparation. The wonderful thing about this simple base recipe is that once you know it, you can add any flavors you wish. I'm quite partial to using dried thyme, paprika, and even Worcestershire sauce. But everyone has their own favorite flavors, right?


What You Need 

• A potato
• Salt
• Pepper
• A potato/vegetable peeler
• A long thin wooden stick
• Olive oil
• A microwaveable bowl
• A microwave
• Kitchen roll


1. Using the peeler, slice the potato into chip sized slices, making sure they are thin enough to become crispy.
2. Now fill the bowl with water and give the slices a good wash.
3. Remove the water and dry the slices of potato, placing them on sheets of kitchen roll.
4. Put the potato slices in the now dry bowl and sprinkle them with olive oil. Then give them a good mix.
5. Now put your potato slices onto the stick, like a kebab. 
6. Rest the points of the stick onto the sides of the bowl, and season the potato slices with salt and pepper.
7. Then put them in the microwave while still resting on the bowl. You should cook them for 4 to 8 minutes.
8. Take them out and check that they are crispy. Give them a minute to air away any moisture. Then place them in a bowl for serving.

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