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A 3D-Printed House That's a World First

 A Russian-American company has successfully constructed a 3D-printed house for a cost of just over $10,000, marking what could be the start of a revolution for the global construction industry.
The home, which measures just over 400 square feet, was built by Apis Cor, a company with bases in both Russia and the USA. It managed this incredible feat using a giant mobile printer that it developed.

What makes this process unique is that 3D-printed homes are usually created in parts off-site, which are then taken in and assembled into a completed dwelling. Apis Cor’s process does away with all that, with the entire structure consisting of self-bearing walls, partitions and a building envelope that were printed using a concrete mixture entirely on site.

After that part of the process was completed, the printer was removed with a crane manipulator. Next came the interior furnishings, followed by the roof. Last but not least, the house received a coating of bright yellow paint.


All this was done within a 24-hour timeframe at a cost of just $10,134. In addition, this house isn’t some flimsy, just-for-show gimmick – Apis Cor has designed it to last for an impressive 175 years.

The ultimate aim of the company’s founder, Nikitar Chen-yun-tai, is “to help people around the world to improve their living conditions”, adding that doing so necessitated delegating all of the hard work that normally goes into construction to smart machines.


Although the technology is still in its infancy, it could lead to a huge deflationary wave across the global construction industry, meaning that houses that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to construct at present could be built for a fraction of that cost.

This would have the knock-on effect of making housing accessible to millions that could not previously afford it, as well as having a significant impact on mortgage markets in countries worldwide.


BONUS - Take a look at this amazing build in action:

Content and image source: ZeroHedge

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