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Adding Rain to Glass: Gregory Thieker's Unbelievable Work

 I can’t understand how anybody can paint as well as Gregory Thielker (instagram; tumblr) does. When I saw these ‘paintings’, I had to zoom in to see if my eyes weren’t playing up again – did he really put these images together with a brush?! Have a look for yourself and see if they are not the most fantastic rainy-road impressions ever put on canvas.
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The familiar theme of this awe inspiring selection of artwork is obvious. Each image is a driver’s eye view of a rainy road through a wet windscreen. 

I don’t know about you, but when I'm driving and start to see the rain pour down, I start to worry. I wonder about the slipperiness of the road, and start to think about accidents. 

Driving in the rain can be very stressful. So I never really think about the beauty of what surrounds me.  

That is the wonder of Thielker’s work: he takes an everyday subject, that we don’t usually have the clear sense to appreciate, and he shows it to us anew. 

Looking at these artworks, I feel like I can finally take a step back and gaze in awe at this world. 


There is something so deep and powerful about looking at a raindrop, at the beads of water running down glass. Water is life, after all – or the greatest part of it.  

What happens to light when it travels through glass has long fascinated man, leading to some superb scientific breakthroughs. 

But in art, particularly the painted form, water has been neglected, perhaps due to the difficulty of the work involved in accurately mirroring these wonderful effects. 

Therefore, Thiekler is again to be applauded, both for his stunning artistry and vision, in making the beauties of nature, that we often ignore, stand out as they deserve. This is truly the duty and office of the artist.  

Source: gregorythielker

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