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The 10 Best Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Spiders

 While most of them don’t harm humans, and even fewer are poisonous, spiders are still not something I like seeing around my house. Chemical pesticides might help to get rid of them, but I prefer natural, less expensive, and less toxic ways to protect my home from these little pests. Whether it's in your kitchen, your bedroom or your garden, you are much better off using these natural spider deterrents:
1. Take care of spider hideouts 
Spiders instinctively hide in nooks and crannies to keep themselves safe from predators – and angry humans. Keep your home as organized as you can so that you reduce the number of spider hiding spots.
2. Regular cleaning
As well as organizing your house, cleaning it on a regular basis will ensure that there are no spiders in your home. In addition to assisting you further with reducing the number of potential spider hiding spots, regular cleaning also destroys the vast majority of their food sources. Vacuum your entire home once a week, throw out your garbage as often as you can and clean your cupboards and drawers regularly.
3. Seal those annoying cracks
Make sure you check all the interior and exterior walls in your home for cracks, because each one left unattended to is a potential entrance for spiders. To add to this, they are ideal hiding and breeding places for spiders. If you find any cracks, make sure they're sealed off appropriately.
4. Vinegar 
This is a great non-harmful, non-toxic, and highly-effective way to keep spiders and many other insects out of your life. The smell from just a few teaspoons of vinegar mixed with water is enough to keep spiders away.
5. Peppermint oil
Another great natural insect repellent is peppermint oil. It's non-poisonous and smells a lot better than vinegar. Just spray some peppermint oil mixed with water around your windows, doors, and cracks once a week.
6. Baking soda
Spiders are very sensitive to the smell of baking soda and it’s a great thing to use if you can't, or don’t want to, use a liquid repellent. Sprinkling a little bit of baking soda around your home will keep spiders away and can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.
7. Cedarwood chips 
Another non-liquid solution for spiders and moths is to sprinkle some cedarwood chips outside your home, as well as in cupboards and wall corners. A positive of using this method is that a bowl of cedarwood chips is also a very nice decorative item - something you can't say about chemical pesticides.
8. Cats
Cats will happily pounce on spiders and do the work for you. They are also the cutest possible way to deal with this problem. There is no need to worry about your cats eating them - these little fur balls know how to take care of themselves just like they know how to take care of your home. You might need to clean all that fur, but it's a lot better than having a spider problem…
9. Chestnuts 
Place chestnuts on window sills or baseboards in order to deter spiders from getting in. It is another way that is both effective, and adds a little decorative charm to your house. Your friends will definitely ask you about it, and will be amazed and delighted to hear about your brilliant way of keeping your house free of spiders.
10. Citrus oil
This is one of the best smelling and longest lasting natural spider repellents. Add a few teaspoons of citrus oil and a glass of water to a spray bottle and use it on walls, windows and cracks. It's easy, it's natural and you will be free from spiders for a long time. 
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