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Visit 9 Amazing Locations With Google Street View

 When we say "what a small world!", we express surprise that things which seem to be remote are actually very close to us. But Google has taken this idea a few steps forward, and has made our planet seem even smaller. With the photos below, you'll find that one click will let you step through the screen and take you to some fantastic locations! Isn't that even better than a photo? So take your pick: Will it be the Palace of Versailles you visit today? Or do you feel like diving in the Great Barrier Reef? 

Click any of the photos of the locations below to start your adventure!

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How it works
1. First, click on the photo of the place you want to go exploring. This will take you to the 'street view' interface of that destination with its photo. If you move your mouse on the photo, a grey arrow will appear. Once you click on it, you'll be taken to a location you can look around at.

2. Keep your finger on the left mouse button and move it in all directions to look around you.

3. Clicking on plus or minus will get you closer or further away from the image.

4. At the bottom or left hand side of the screen there will be another set of photos from your destination. Click on any of them to move to a new location nearby.

Take a step into one of the world's biggest wonders. Built in 70 AD, it has been customized to fit into your computer screen! Come have a look.
Step through the door of the most famous house in the world, which has served generations of American presidents and has a ton of history and art to show you.
At 5,364 meters above sea level, you'll find the Everest base camp, the point from which climbers start their long journey to the top of the highest peak in the world. Here they must rest to get their bodies accustomed to the low levels of oxygen - at least they have some fantastic sights to entertain them.
This magnificent structure started its life as a humble hunting lodge. It was king Louis XIII who, wanting a quiet place for himself outside rowdy Paris, decided to make it into something that is much, much more. Over the years, the French kings have added to the construction, until it became the world famous palace it is today. One of its most amazing sights is the beautiful mirror hall.
This is one of the richest natural locations on Earth, full of exotic plants and animals, which you can see as you ride down the Amazon river. In 2011, it was declared one of the world's 7 natural wonders.
places, google, street view, interactive
At 2,253 meters above sea level, the Bernina train line is the third highest railroad line in all of Europe. It takes the traveler from Switzerland to Italy, crossing the Alps and unveiling incredible sights along the way. One of them is the majestic White Lake.
Many describe walking through Times Square as a dazzling display that enhances all senses. Now you'll be able to soak up the colorful atmosphere as though you yourself were walking through it.
places, google, street view, interactive
One of the greatest living wonders of the world lies underneath the ocean waves - the world's largest coral reef. Take a deep breath before we dive into the waters of this great coral system, filled with exotic fish and even some turtles.
places, google, street view, interactive
Let's go even more south, taking a sun-soaked journey to the reservation of the Adélie penguins, in one of the most wild and extreme places on Earth - Antarctica.
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