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19 Stunningly Real Photos

 Life throws up some unbelievable sights, yet most of the time the person who sees them can't make anyone believe what they saw really occurred. That was all before photography really took off as an amateur hobby though. Now, virtually any time a strange vision appears, there's a person at hand to record the phenomenon for posterity. Here are 19 such wonders that will have you scratching your head, rubbing your eyes, and asking, "was that really not Photoshopped?"
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A plane and many little planes
A wheat field beside a lavender field
A man feeds swans in the snow
nature, photography, amazing, real
A mysterious cloud formation over Victoria, Australia
A right-angled cloud
A semi-transparent Watusi bull
Lava that's formed to look like people being sucked into the underworld
To each his own road
Devil's Bridge, Germany
A bizarre effect: Anja Rubik wears an unusual dress
nature, photography, amazing, real
Lightning over the Hudson River, New York
Just look at what the sky has done!
The true size of an iceberg
A one-in-a-trillion snowflake
Trees covered in spider webs
An extraordinary overflow on the River Derwent, England
A September leaf
A fish taking a ride inside a jellyfish
When someone washed their car rather well
nature, photography, amazing, real


H/T: boredpanda.com

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