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6 Incredible Things You Can Do with a Bar of Soap

 Who would've thought that a simple bar of soap can turn out to be so useful? Just like chapstick, soap has many uses that have nothing to do with cleaning. It can be used to control pests or repair minor damages at home. Here are 6 innovative ways to use a bar of soap:

1. Stop foot cramps

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Put an end to late-night foot cramps with a bar of soap. This old wives' tale has long been used to put a stop to Charlie horse or a spasming foot. Admittedly, no scientific studies have been conducted on this subject matter, however, many people do swear by its benefits. Place a bar of ordinary soap under a fitted sheet at the bottom of the bed to reap positive results.  

2. Repel deer

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Deer just love to eat flowers and fresh vegetables, which can be a problem when you live in a place with a big deer population. To keep them at a distance hang a bar of soap along your fence and on sturdy branches. 

3. Pincushion

soap uses
Here's an unlikely thought for using a bar of soap. This tip will save you a heap of time while you are sewing too. Wrap a bar of soap in some scrap fabric, holding it down with a pin or two. Then flip it over and stick the top half full of straight pins for all your sewing projects. What's more? The soap will slick the metal of the pin, enabling it to slide easily through the fabric. 

4. Keep your bathroom mirror fog-free

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Prior to taking a shower, take a bar of soap and rub it across the mirror, then buff what's left of the soap with a clean cloth. Once you're out of the shower, you won't need to wipe your mirror clean.

5. Fill a nail hole

soap uses
A bar of soap can be used to fill in any small holes in a white wall (make sure the soap is white too). Scuff the bar of soap against the hole until it becomes packed full of tiny soap shavings, then pat into place with your finger. 

6. Stop squeaky floor boards

soap uses
Creaking is caused by floor boards that loosen over time. Get rid of the squeaks and squawks in your home by rubbing a bar of soap up and down creaky floorboards. Putting soap will smooth things over and make sure that your floorboards barely whisper. 
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