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10 Body Signals That May Be Warning You About Your Health

 The human body is a magnificent natural machine. Of course, from time to time, our body does suffer the occasional health problem, but it’s well equipped to deal with many of them, by sending us signals explaining what the problems with our insides are. Therefore, it’s important to know what these signals look and feel like, and understand what they mean. Here are 10 body signals we all need to take seriously.
1. Dark Circles Below Your Eyes
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It’s recommended that you sleep between seven and eight hours per night. If you don’t, it will usually be visible to other people in the form of dark circles underneath your eyes. Yet, this is not the only reason you may have dark circles. Anemia (a lack of red blood cells) is one condition that can result in the same symptom.
2. Your Fingers Changing Colors
Have you noticed any change in the color of your fingers? If so, we strongly urge you to speak to your doctor about it. Reynaud’s Syndrome can result in this symptom. With Reynaud’s, low temperatures lead to blood vessel spasms, which change the skin color of your fingers. 
3. Blurry Vision
Do you get tired eyes and blurry vision more than you used to? If you sometimes feel that you can’t recognize or read things that you’d expect to be able to, you could well have astigmatism or short-sightedness. We advise that you make an appointment to see an optician.
4. Blobs and Stripes in Your Eyes
There are many different types of obstructions that can suddenly appear in your field of vision, though they are often found in the presence of bright white light. These dots or stripes known as ‘eye floaters’ could be an early sign of cataracts or other eye problems; therefore, you should consult an optician for a thorough examination – particularly if they persist for more than a week.
5. Rumbling in Your Belly
body health, signs, signals
Processes ongoing in your intestines often make a kind of rumbling sound, which we tend to associate with feelings of hunger. Yet, if you begin to hear these noises regularly even when you are not about to eat or have finished eating, you ought to see a doctor straight away – especially if the sound is accompanied by pain. If, however, the sounds are quite rare, you need not be concerned.
6. Peeling Skin
If your skin is peeling, you probably lack essential vitamins. Fortunately, you can remedy this by improving your diet, and making your meals more balanced. If, however, your peeling is accompanied by an itch, you may have a fungal infection. In which case, we recommend you go see a doctor as soon as you can.
7. Loss of Sense of Smell
body health, signs, signals
As we get older, damage to our nervous system reduces the sharpness in our sense of smell. Yet, sometimes this loss occurs in young people too. If you notice this, and you are young, please see a doctor right away. Your symptom could be caused by a viral infection or a strong cold. 
8. Twitching Eyelids
body health, signs, signals
If your eyes are tired from overwork, they may start twitching involuntarily. To stop this, all you need to do is wash your eyes using cotton pads that have been soaked in cold water. However, if this remedy doesn’t stop your twitching, you will need to see a neuropathologist. You may be experiencing twitching because of a grave problem with your nervous system.
9. A Ringing in Your Ears
body health, signs, signals
Known as tinnitus, constant ringing in the ears is a common problem that many people feel tempted to ignore, in the belief that it’s unrelated to their health. In most cases, the sound is caused by spending time in certain types of noisy environments. However, it could be that tinnitus is caused by an underlying illness. Check with your doctor to make sure.
10. Dislocation of Shoulder Joints
body health, signs, signals
When someone’s shoulder joints can be moved in many different directions and seem to be loose, the joint is said to be ‘unstable’. Some people are born with the kind of flexible ligaments to allow such apparently free movements, and other people have acquired the condition through an injury. In either case, though, the condition can cause further injuries and should be considered dangerous. 
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