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16 Surprising Uses for Table Salt

 Salt has been with us ever since we humans arrived in this life. We've used it mainly for seasoning our food - perhaps sometimes we are even guilty of overusing it because we like it so much. Yet, salt has many other uses outside of cooking. Consider the following 16 examples of how you can use simple table salt around your house. We guarantee there will be plenty here that you've never been told before.
1. Keep Mold from Curtain Showers
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Right after you've bought your nice new shower curtains, wash them in salt water. This way, you can be almost completely assured that no mold will grow on them. 
2. Provide Relief for Mosquito Bites
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Mosquito bites are among the most annoying things you can experience. To mitigate the redness and itchiness, dip your finger in some water and use the moisture to stick a little salt to your finger. Now rub the mixture over your bite.
3. Let Copper Items Shine Like New
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To keep your copper kettles and the like sparkling, mix some salt with vinegar and flour (and some optional lemon juice) and rub the surface of the item. 
4. Keep Oil from Spitting Out
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Once you've heated up your cooking oil, add a little salt. By doing so, you will limit the amount of splashing and splattering, once you've added your fish or meat to the pan.
5. Make Candles Non-Drip
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Did you know that you can actually prevent candle wax from dripping? Salt can really help you do so. Simply soak your candle in a concentrated salt solution overnight. Then, once the candle has thoroughly dried out, light it. Easy.
6. Banish Shoe Odors
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Get rid of those embarrassing shoe smells by either adding some cloth bags full of salt into them or simply sprinkle some salt straight inside the shoes. Once you've let the salt soak up the moisture in the shoe, give them a firm shake and vacuum them away.
7. Keep Ants Away
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To keep ants from infesting your house and garden, make a 1:4 ratio salt solution and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray where you like to prevent them from ever wanting to come back again. 
8. Make Homemade Kids' Paints
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It's really not that hard or bothersome to make home made paints for your children and grandkids. All you need to do is mix 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of salt in a bowl. Then combine with a cup of water and a few drops of whichever food coloring you're using.
9. Keep Sliced Fruit and Veg from Browning
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To keep any chopped fruit or veg from turning brown, simply place them in a bowl or pan filled with salt water.
10. Rid Your Hands of Onion Smell
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It may seem that you can never get the strong smell of garlic and onions from your hands, after chopping and handling them, but it's actually no trouble at all, if only you know what to do. First, you need to wet your hands with water, then give them a thorough rubbing over with table salt. Now rinse. Done.
11. Produce a Natural Home-Made Air Freshener
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Whether you use some orange peel or a normal bowl, to make air freshener all you need is 1/2 to 1 cup of salt mixed with 20 or 30 drops of your chosen essential oil (or use rose petals). Now you can have a naturally wonderful smelling room.
12. Put Kitchen Fires Out Properly
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If you are cooking a particularly greasy meal, you really want to keep a large container of salt nearby. Grease fires can easily get out of control, but, luckily, all you need to do is pour salt onto the flames to starve them of oxygen and put them out instantly.
13. Clean Your Iron
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Irons can get a little grubby at times, but how are you meant to clean them? One sure fire way is to turn yours on to its highest setting and run it over a piece of brown paper covered in salt.
14. Stop Windows Frosting Up
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If your windows are prone to frosting over during the night, here's a tip you could really use. Dip a sponge in salt water and rub the inside of your windows with it. The salt prevents any frost from forming. Alternatively, you can deter frost by keeping a little cloth bag of salt on your windowsill. 
15. Maintain a Clean Sink
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Make a paste with lemon juice and salt and use it to wipe your sink with. Chemical cleaners can cost a lot of money, and they don't do nearly as good a job of cleaning stainless steel sinks as this hot tip does.
16. Make Sure Your Restaurant Meal Is Really Changed
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If you've asked the waiter to return your dish because there is a hair in it, make sure they really replace your meal by spoiling it with salt. Simply sprinkle it with enough salt to destroy the flavors, and then you'll know when it comes back whether it's fresh or not. 
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