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Hilarious! A Back Seat Blonde!

 A blonde lady and a gentleman were out on a romantic date one night, when they ended up at ''Lovers' Cove'' and started to make out a little. The gentleman thought that things were going extremely well and he was getting his hopes up for a good end to the night, so he thought that he would ask her if she would like to move to the back seat of his corvette. 
backseat, joke, sexy, blonde
''No!'' said the blonde. 
The guy just figured that she was playing hard to get. So, when things began to heat up again he thought that he would ask her once more. 
''NO!'' yelled the blonde again. 
Things got even hotter the blonde was down to her bra. And the gentleman noticed that his own pants were unzipped. 
''Do you want to go to the back seat now?'' asked the gentleman, in a tone more hopeful than certain. 
backseat, joke, sexy, blonde
''For the last time, NO!'' said the blonde. 
Frustrated, the gentleman asked, ''Well, why the heck not??'' 
The blonde looked at him and said, ''Because I want to stay here with you!'
backseat, joke, sexy, blonde
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