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An Interactive Guide to the Human Body

 The body is such an incredibly well-designed machine, and its functions fit together so perfectly, that it's virtually impossible to comprehend it. We have drawn together this series of fascinating videos so you can learn exactly how your organs perform their roles to keep you thinking, breathing, seeing, hearing and moving.


You can learn which organ behaves like a factory kept inside the body, and which is its personal health coach. You can find out what the spleen does (let's face it we have all heard of this organ but how many of us actually know anything about its role within the body?) and which key organ is powered by electrical shocks. Discover where our emotions are controlled and just why we don't have to 'remember' to breathe (luckily).

Instructions: Hover over the picture below and you will see a series of blue icons appear. Place your cursor over any of these blue icons and a video will pop up in a small window. Click on the icon to start the video and learn more about the organ or function you have selected. We learned so much from these films and we hope you do too! 


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