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WiFox: The Free Interactive Wi-Fi Map for Airports

 Almost all the world’s airports boast free Wi-Fi nowadays, which is a beautiful gift, allowing you to read or watch anything you like while you wait. However, it’s not all that simple to log-on to these free airport networks. Often you will be in a strange airport with no signs telling you where the Wi-Fi zone is, and when you get there you’ll need to type in an unknown password. That’s why the WiFox map is so wonderful!
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Created by security engineer, Anil Polat, WiFox is an interactive online map which contains the password log-in information required to receive free Wi-Fi in many large airports around the world. 
As you can see in the picture below, the map shows little plane icons over the airport location. Once you click on the airport of your choice, the left-hand screen will show you the pertinent details, including a list of all available networks and passwords.
Wi-Fi, airports, travel, appsSource: Google
For example, if you happen to be going to Rome, here's what you would do: Simply find Rome on the map and click on the right airport, or search for it using the search function on the left. Choose Leonardo da Vinci International airport, and then you’ll see that you will be able to get free access to the Wi-Fi Alitalia Lounge network without a password, and the Aviapartner network, for which the password is Aviapartner01. 
Note that the information contained in this database is very fluid, with new airports and data being updated all the time. This map promises to be a very useful tool for your next trip. You can use the map for free using the link provided above, and you can also download an offline version. Also there are relevant apps available for a small one-time fee from Google Play (Android), the App Store, and Amazon.
Wi-Fi, airports, travel, appsSource: Apple Store
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