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Eugene de Blaas' Stunning Artwork

 I am so happy the internet gives me the opportunity to discover "new" old artists. I had never heard of Eugene de Blaas before, but this talented early 20th century Italian artist painted the most beautiful portraits. His colorful works of art have a classical elegance, depicting informal portraits of community and the private lives of women, at work and at leisure.
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The Grape Picker
The Serenade
The Unseen Suitor
The Water Carrier
At the Opera
Meeting at the Square
Young Girl before the Lagoon, Venice
Girl with Pomegranates
Portrait of a Young Venetian Girl
The Flower Seller
God's Creatures
The Friendly Gossips
Girl in a Lilac-Coloured Dress with a Bouquet of Flowers
The Flower Girl
The Flirtation
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