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How to Stop Google Following Your Every Move

 The thought of being spied on is a terrible one. The very idea gives you the creeps and makes you feel more cautious and suspicious. But the truth is many of us today are volunteering our most personal information each and every day. Google tracks and saves detailed information about your whereabouts, marking the places you have stopped at throughout the day. Anyone who has access to your Google account can see this data.

To see the truth of this with your own eyes, make sure you are logged into your usual account on your phone. The following link will show you where you have been that day.

Just click on this link
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Unfortunately, many reputable experts believe that regardless of how you control your device’s privacy settings, your data is being seized and kept by governments and organizations.

Yet, you can limit how much you are tracked by merely sticking to the step by step procedure below. After you have completed the following steps, you may wish to share this vital information with your friends and family.

How to Disable Tracking and Erase Your Past History

1. To ascertain whether or not your location history has been enabled on your personal account, first go the Google Maps Location History Page. Click the gear-icon and access History Settings.
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2. Select Delete All Location History.
Maps, location, privacy, spying
3. A screen will come up telling you that after you have deleted it, the information will not be retrievable. Click the box that says you understand.
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4. Now you’ve deleted your location data, you may wish to erase more of the information that has been stored. Click on Go To Web & App Activity and follow the instructions.
Maps, location, privacy, spying
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