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Banish Mold and Mildew Using These Simple Home Remedies!

 Mold (mould) and mildew are speedy invaders and may cause many health issues, including allergies and respiratory infections. These tiny spores cluster in the thousands and are also airborne. Once you detect their presence, it’s important to act fast. The best way to prevent them from appearing is to control the amount of moisture in your home, but even if they do arise, there are natural ways to kill them. 

1. Tea Tree Oil

Most people know tea tree oil as being effective for skin treatments and aromatherapy, yet few realize it can be useful as a household cleaner too. All you need for this safe alternative is a spray bottle. Mix two cups of water with two teaspoons of tea tree oil to create the solution. Before you spray, shake the bottle well. Do not wipe the surface after spraying, as the solution needs time to remove the mold. Take into account that tea tree oil has a strong smell, which will take a few days to dissipate.

2. Grapefruit Seed Extract

Another natural treatment that effectively counters mold is grapefruit seed extract. This option has the benefit of being odor-free. Use a spray bottle and a solution of two cups of water mixed with 20 drops of grapefruit seed extract. It’s important to shake the bottle well to mix the two ingredients. Spray the problem areas, allowing it to sit. Make sure not to wipe the sprayed area.  

3. Distilled Vinegar 

Distilled vinegar effectively kills up to 82% of mold. It’s also useful in preventing new spores from forming. Apply the vinegar to the affected area and do not wipe. Many people find the smell of vinegar overpowering and unpleasant. If you’re one of those people, I suggest adding an essential oil, such as lemon, to the mix to mask the sour smell. If you choose not to add the essential oil, the smell should only last for a few hours. Please note that using regular vinegar will not treat mold. Only distilled vinegar will work for this solution.

4. Baking Soda

You can use baking soda in its powder form to treat mold. However, some people believe that using a spray bottle and combining the powder with water or vinegar is a cleaner process. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda per cup of water or vinegar.  If you do choose to apply it as a spray, it’s essential to mix the solution until the baking soda dissolves. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then scrub the area with a damp rag. Baking soda is recommended for disinfecting showers and tubs.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

3% hydrogen peroxide can be found at any pharmacy and works like a charm. Put it in a spray bottle, spray the problem area and let the formula sit for 10 minutes before wiping it off. This quick method can be more powerful if combined with distilled vinegar. Mix even quantities of distilled vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, shake, and spray. Hydrogen peroxide’s strength weakens over time if exposed to light so it’s advisable to store the liquid in a dark bottle.  


Source: simplehouseholdtips
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