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23 Spectacular Abandoned Buildings

 Although the number of people and cities has been rapidly increasing since the dawn of man, there are still places in the world that are being abandoned. For one reason or another, several spectacular locations have fallen into disuse and disrepair. Here are 23 such places, that were once fruitful and prosperous, yet have now been reclaimed by nature. The result is oddly fascinating. So, what do you think happened to these abandoned buildings?
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1. An old castle’s eerie ruins (Sintra, Portugal)
2. A tragic church (Detroit, USA)
3. Historic Crystal Mill (Colorado, USA)
4. A disused railway tunnel (Paris, France)
5. The mossy Sintra Well (Portugal)
6. A ghost town ruined by the Spanish Civil War (Belchite, Spain)
7. The remains of a country house (Norway)
8. A stranded ship (County Louth, Ireland)
9. A sad, abandoned church (France)
10. A forgotten chapel
11. A yellow brick road at the forgotten ’Land of Oz’ theme park (North Carolina, USA)
12. The unmaintained ’Stairway to Heaven’ (Oahu, Hawaii)
13. An abandoned ship (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands)
14. A crumbling castle (Kopice, Poland)
15. A forgotten fishing village (near the Yangtze River, China)
16. A disused castle
17. The Hotel del Salto (Colombia)
18. The remnants of an old palace (Belgium)
19. An abandoned country house
20. A burned down nightclub (Austria)
21. The wreck of a merchant ship (the Red Sea)
22. A formerly popular winter garden conservatory
23. Aboard the Orient Express (Belgium)
abandoned buildings

Brian Preciousdecay Photography   

H/T: brightside.me

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