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Great Ideas For Remodeling Your Home

 Have you ever dreamt of changing your home? Perhaps you can break down a wall to get more space, or maybe add a counter? It's time to be creative because any of these 31 fantastic ideas can turn even the plainest house into your dream home.
1. Give your dogs their own room
2. Turn stairs into storage space
3. Or into book displays
4. or even a reading nook
5. Wasted space above stairs can be turned into a playroom
6. Get more storage with baseboard drawers
7. An unattractive wall can become a fancy wine rack
8. Adding an elevated platform creates storage space while keeping the room looking tidy and useable.
9. High ceilings? Add a ceiling-hammock
10. A boring bedroom roof can become a stargazing haven
11. Transform the attic into a pillow room
12. Install a balcony for your bedroom
13. Add a fireplace between your bedroom and bathroom
14. Add a seat you can lie on in the shower
15. Jets in the laundry room sink for easy hand washing
16. The holy grail - a built-in vacuum
17. Install garbage chutes in your kitchen
18. 2 dishwashers are better than one
19. Mobile kitchen cabinets can add more work space
20. Add a minibar to the central counter
21. Folding windows and doors open up the house
22. Add a bar rail to your deck
23. Why not add a tree house you can actually use?
24. And while you're at it, how about a secret room?
25. Pest-Tubes make an exterminator's visit quick & easy
26. Magnetic walls - enough said
27. Why not add seats to your fireplace?
28. A sunken living room is perfect for entertaining
29. Bunk beds!
30. A shower without glass doors = less cleaning
31. Turn your garden shed into an artist's hideout
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