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19 Adorable Animals That Can Sit and Fit (Just About)

 How is it that animals, no matter what their size, can always find a place to seat themselves? It seems that they can spot a comfy chair in the tightest possible aperture, even when, by rights, they shouldn't be able to squeeze their oversized bodies in. Here are 19 funny and cute animals that can always find a little place to put their feet up.
'If it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me.'
I call furball in the left-corner pocket!
'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.'


'Would anyone like to drag me about, please?'
'Well, my human does call it a chair.'
Finally, a good reason to keep buying these chips!
Now I know why nothing grows from this pot.
A pint-sized bundle of cuddliness.
You treat your cat once, and it never forgets...
Ahoy, Captain Blackwhiskers!
'Don't forget to pack me!'
'You're NOT getting a cat! I'm all you need!'
Are zoos ordering from Amazon.com too?
Finally a sequel to Old Mother Hubbard!
I knew cats like to hide in boxes, but...
'Row row row your boat...'
'If I fit, I sit, twit twoo.'
This shell belongs to an octopus now.
'I'm the King of the Jungle, I don't do walking!'
Step on a cat, break your...
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