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Musty House Air? Try These 10 Oxygen Releasing Plants

 I must admit I only recently realized how important it is to my home’s microclimate that I fill the rooms of my house with plants. This is especially important for those houses with young children or allergy sufferers. Though some plants are actually better than others at cleaning the atmosphere, filling a room with oxygen and maintaining good humidity. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 10 of the very best potted plants to improve your home’s microclimate.
1. Spathiphyllum
plants, house, environment, healthImage courtesy of depositphotos
Otherwise known as ‘women’s happiness’, thanks to the traditional belief that this plant brings love and joy to a house, spathiphyllum is great at removing moisture from your home. By doing so it normalizes the house’s microclimate and banishes mold spores. To keep this plant healthy, we recommend a temperature of 18°C.
2. Coffea
plants, house, environment, health Image courtesy of depositphotos
Coffea plants include around 100 different varieties, of which the most common are the Arabic or Congolese coffee shrubs. These coffee plants only bear fruit after 5 or 6 years, therefore, to gain the terrific fruit and flower scents, purchase an adult one. Coffea shrubs are excellent at absorbing excess moisture in the air.
3. Myrtus
plants, house, environment, health
Myrtus has long been seen as a sacred symbol of joy and peace. It’s said to be able to restore youth and fill a room with energy and helpful spirits. Scientifically, myrtus also has a wealth of benefits to offer your home. It can restore a healthy microclimate to any room, and care for your health thanks to its production of phytoncides that kill airborne microbes.
4. Laurus Nobilis
plants, house, environment, health
Laurus was associated in classical times with majesty, victory, and glory, and this plant can certainly do a good job of normalizing your home’s microclimate. Because it hails from subtropical climes, it is used to absorbing moist, humid air. Just make sure to give it plenty of warm water. 
5. Citrus limon
plants, house, environment, health
There is hardly any plant fresher smelling than a lemon tree. It fills your home with a wonderful citrus scent, while absorbing the excess moisture that ruins a room’s atmosphere. The leaves are full of curative properties, which help to sterilize the regions the plant occupies. Give the tree lots of warm sunlight, water, and soil.
6. Chamaecyparis
plants, house, environment, health
The Chamaecyparis is sacred to the Japanese, who have long held that the souls of their ancestors and kami gods live in these trees. It does need lots of shade and water, but in return, it will rid the air of dirty impurities and reduce headaches and migraines
7. Sansevieria
plants, house, environment, health
This plant doesn’t need nearly as much watering as many of the others, as its leaves retain an awful lot of water naturally. You can keep it anywhere in your house and watch it freshen the air, filling it with oxygen. This will also have the effect of neutralizing the fumes that are caused by synthetic materials which our homes tend to be full of.
8. Ficus
plants, house, environment, health
You will need lots of room and shade to house this most popular of trees. The ficus will moisturize and oxygenate the room, fighting viruses and harmful toxins, while scooping away floating dust with its large leaves. You needn’t water it too much, so it doesn’t require much care.
9. Cissus
plants, house, environment, health
The cissus quadrangularis resembles ivy, in that it grows towards the light, enveloping the structures around it. This plant is suitable for moisturizing rooms with dry air. You will need to provide it plenty of shade while showering it regularly with moisture.
10. Kalanchoe

The kalanchoe requires a lot of sunlight but not much water to help provide moisture to a dry environment. This plant will regulate the climate of your home, or at least help to do so. It’s such a gorgeous plant too, isn’t it?!

H/T: Brightside.me

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