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18 Inventions That Will Make Parenting Babies Much Easier

 Parenting a baby is one of life’s most demanding duties. But, fortunately, there is one way that this awesome task gets easier every year. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of designers, there are a wealth of new items on the market that take some of the pain out of bringing up your baby. Here are 18 of the best baby-friendly inventions out on the market today. There are some amazing gift ideas contained here!
1. This pacifier has a thermometer for checking temperature
2. This food container doubles as a spoon
3. This flower is a useful baby bath
4. This handy cot is detachable 
5. This personal ultrasound scanner connects to your phone
6. This pacifier automatically closes itself when let go of
7. This baby carrier keeps mother and child warm
8. This sippy cup has a medicine dispenser
9. This shower head is perfectly placed for a child
10. These little urinals are perfectly portable
11. These bikes double as strollers
12. This carpet is handy for bathing baby
13. This Velcro bottle holder fits car seats
14. This child’s car seat cover keeps the heat out
15. This diaper holder hangs on the cot
16. This child-sized tent is perfect for outdoor napping
17. This baby monitor connects to your phone
18. This crib makes flying easy
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