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Joke: It Starts with a Near Fatal Crash

 A woman and man got into a car accident. Both of their cars were badly damaged, but amazingly neither of them were hurt.

After they crawled out of the wreckage, the woman said: "Wow, look at our cars - there's nothing left! Thank God we are all right. This must be a sign from Him that we should be friends and not try to pin the blame on each other."
joke, car crash, whiskey
The man replied: "Oh yes, I agree with you completely."

The woman pointed to a bottle on the ground and said: "Here's another miracle. Somehow this bottle of whisky from my back seat didn't break. Surely God wants us to drink it and celebrate our good fortune."
Then she handed the bottle to the man. The man nodded his head in agreement, opened it, and drank about a third of the bottle to calm his nerves. He then handed it back to the woman. The woman took the bottle, immediately put the cap back on, and handed it back to the man.

The man asked: "Aren't you having any?"
joke, car crash, whiskey
The woman replied: "No. I think I'll just wait for the police - I'll let them decide whose fault it is."
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