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The Myth About Healthy Orange Juice for Breakfast

 Do you remember, as I do, when the ideal breakfast was always presented as follows: a bowl of cereal, milk, and a glass of orange juice? For generations now, people have accepted the notion that orange juice is a healthy drink, full of vital vitamins necessary to keep you strong and healthy – the perfect way to start your day. Unfortunately, this story is a load of nonsense, because orange juice is, in fact, no better for you than a glass of any sweetened beverage, including all the popular sodas we should avoid. Read on to learn the truth.
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No, doubt, your orange juice will contain some vitamins and a certain amount of protein, but it’s by no means the best way to get these nutrients. Rather, we should maintain a healthy, balanced diet that contains a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 

Orange juice is usually produced at the expense of most of the original fruit’s fiber too. Thus, eating an orange whole, with all the bits, is far better for you and will make you fuller. Your body actually processes juice and other sugary drink much faster than whole fruit, because of its lack of fiber, fats, and proteins. 

Thus, the refreshing drink will only assuage your hunger for a minuscule amount of time, driving you to consume even more calories. In some people, this hunger can cause mood swings and low energy levels. Hands up who thought an innocent glass of OJ could do this.

orange juice, unhealthy

Shockingly, a 12-ounce glass of orange juice contains the same number of carbs as a bag of M&Ms, which make no claim to improving your health. The aforementioned sweets have only 3g more of sugar than the juice. Here you can see the nutritional values of a typical glass of orange juice:

•    153 calories
•    34 g carbohydrates
•    27 g sugar
•    2.4 g protein
•    0.7 g fiber

Instead of gulping this drink every morning, you’d be much better off quenching your thirst with your first or second glass of water for the day. Then later on in the morning have a whole orange for a healthy snack. 

H/T: iflscience.com

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