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30 Silly-Faced Animal Snaps

 What can be more annoying than seeing an unflattering photograph of yourself taken by someone else? As we all know though, it's incredibly funny if the unlucky silly-faced victim is not you. So you can safely laugh your socks off at these animals that have been caught short by trigger happy photographers. Just look at these hilarious photos of some of the funny faces they pull! If it weren't for cameras, we'd never notice humorous moments like these!
Like owner, like dog.
Don't you think you've had enough to drink?
Not all puppies are photogenic.
Urggh! Monday morning....
When the waiter asks you how the food is...
The stick fetches a dog.
Wow, that woman is so pretty!
Not that cat food again!
Hello, Goofy!
Don't run your nails down that blackboard again!!!
It's snowing!
You're NOT using this for my doggy passport photo!
Looking good today.
Nothing can ruin this glorious sight.
Auditioning for a cat led production of Dumbo.
Wake me up in 15 hours.
Who needs bones?
Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's neigh-boline.
Did I hear you say 'carrot'?
This has to be the last photo, I'm getting tired.
I'm thirsty, but too lazy to get up.
Did I turn the gas off?
Poor ginger seal!
I didn't drink them.
People like to photo my beautiful eyes.
Just horsing around.
I smell dinner!
Ah, jacuzzi...
We're so threatening.
Don't turn the TV on. You have me!
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