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The Amazing and Practical Uses of Vaseline

 Vaseline is an ideal product to use for skin care, and you might also be familiar with a couple of its other practical uses. Because of its softening properties, Vaseline has been found to be handy for a multitude of applications, including cosmetic, beauty and home purposes. Check out this list of excellent alternative uses of Vaseline you were probably missing out on.


Important: Since Vaseline contains petroleum oil, which is a by-product of the oil we use for our cars, excessive use of the product may not be good for your health, so make sure you take the necessary safety measures.

For a more natural alternative to this product, you may even try the homemade version of Vaseline, which does not use petroleum.

Skin Care and Medicinal Uses

vaseline uses
  • Facial care: Use Vaseline on your face to remove greasiness, get rid of dryness, and/or relieve razor burn and windburn. Apply a small amount onto your clean damp face and rub thoroughly. You may even warm it up and use it instead of a night cream.
  • Back pain relief: Soothe back pain by having warmed up jelly massaged into the affected area in your back.
  • Treat a fever: If you're running a temperature, put petroleum jelly in the freezer for a few minutes and rub it onto your forehead while still cold.
  • Prevent or treat chafing: If you've chafed your skin, or are sensitive to chafing, apply Vaseline before or after to either prevent or soothe it.

  • Protect cuts or scrapes: Although petroleum jelly won't disinfect the damaged area, it will act as protection from dirt and infections. 
  • Moisturize dry areas: If your elbows and knees are often dry and ashy, apply some Vaseline to them to soften the skin.
  • A remedy for cold sores: Use petroleum jelly to diminish the appearance of cold sores on the skin.
  • Relieve skin reactions: To help treat insect bites, poison ivy rashes, and atopic eczema, use a small amount of Vaseline on the skin.
  • Heal new tattoos: Got ink? Vaseline is probably the best product you can use to soothe and protect the affected skin area.
  • Make vapor rub: Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to make a homemade version of Vicks Vapor Rub, and relieve cold symptoms.
  • Prevent diaper rash: Use petroleum jelly as an alternative to Desitin diaper rash preventative for babies.
  • Protect baby's eyes during bath time: In order to prevent products from entering a baby's eyes in the bath, put some Vaseline above the eyebrows. This way, the water will slide off the sides.
  •  Pet care: If your pets' paws are cracked, rub in a little jelly to soften them.
  • Treat shoe blisters: Help cure or prevent blisters by applying some Vaseline onto the parts that rub against the shoe.
  • Heal cracked feet: Spread some Vaseline over your the skin on your feet before bedtime and sleep with socks to heal dry and cracked feet overnight.

Beauty and Cosmetic Uses

vaseline uses
  • Makeup remover: Use petroleum jelly to clean your face from makeup, or to release fake lashes from the lash line.
  • Alternative to mascara: The easiest way to get your hands on clear mascara is to use Vaseline. Use some with a mascara brush to define your eyelashes in a natural look. It gives a glossy shine and is also waterproof.
  • Control eyebrows: If your eyebrows need some controlling, use some Vaseline to fix them neatly into place.
  • A remedy for chapped lips: Use petroleum jelly instead of a lip balm by applying it to your chapped lips. You may even give flavor to your jelly by adding some Kool-Aid powder. You may make use of this application more regularly if you want to make your lips smoother - simply leave the jelly on for a few minutes, then scrub it off using a toothbrush.
  • Avoid getting lipstick on your teeth: By applying some jelly to your teeth before putting on lipstick, you would be preventing lipstick from getting onto your teeth.
  • Scalp care: After shampooing your hair, use some petroleum jelly instead of conditioner to soothe scalp itchiness and scaling, as a result of dandruff. You may even use jelly to protect your scalp from the use of chemicals in hair dye, perming, and straightening.
  • Treat split ends: If you have split ends in your hair, apply some Vaseline to hide and hydrate them.
  • Style hair: Create a choppy hair look by using some jelly on your hair, applying it in a scrunching motion.
  • Remove chewing gum from hair: Got chewing gum stuck in your hair? Use Vaseline as the perfect solution for this.

Home Uses

vaseline uses
  • Repair furniture damage: If your furniture has stains, rings, or scratches, cover the area with a thick coat of petroleum jelly and let it sit. After 24 hours, rub it into the wood, wipe it away, and polish as usual.
  • Silence squeaky doors: Spread some Vaseline on the hinges of noisy doors to prevent them from squeaking.
  • Loosen rusty locks: If you have a key that doesn't seem to fit into an old rusty lock, rub a thin layer of jelly on the key to reduce the effects from the rust.
  • Stain removal: Remove makeup stains from clothes and fabric by rubbing with some jelly before washing.
  • Release nail polish bottle caps: To avoid nail polish bottle caps from getting stuck, add some Vaseline to the cap before closing, so next time they open with ease.
  • Restore shine to leather items: If your leather bags, shoes, or gloves have lost their shine or softness, rub some petroleum jelly into them.
  • Paint protector: Prevent certain areas of a room from being smeared with paint by covering them with a layer of petroleum jelly. Do this for door hinges, glasses, knobs, edges, and more.
  • Prolong pumpkin freshness: To prevent your carved pumpkin from rotting or drying out quickly, cover the exposed edges with jelly.
  • Keep squirrels away from the bird feeder: Apply some jelly to the pole of your bird feeder, so any cheeky squirrels that try to climb will harmlessly slide off. 
  • Create flypaper: Make flypaper by using Vaseline. Simply place some jelly into jar lids and place them around infested areas as a trap.
  • Deter ants from your reaching your pet's food: Spread some jelly around the pet dish, all the way to the ground, to shoo away any pestering ants.

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