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6 Remarkably Brave Animals

 One of the sad realities of the modern world is that good news is often far outshone by the bad that seems to surround us at every turn. This can lead to us believing that there isn’t any hope for things to get better. What we all must do, however, is never forget that there’s always good in the world, no matter how bleak things seem. In fact, some of the most wonderful inspiration can be garnered from observing the animals that inhabit this world with us. Here are six stories of the most courageous animals imaginable:
Dasher, the faithful friend and loyal guardian
dog, hero

When two-year-old Dante Berry wandered off into the forest close to his parents’ home in Mildura, Australia, no-one noticed that he was missing - except the family’s seven-month-old German Shepherd, Dasher. The two ended up lost in the forest some 1.8 miles (3 km) away from the family home. Events conspired against the pair, because in addition to Dante’s parents taking a long time to realize he was missing, a massive storm broke out the night of his disappearance.

In fact, the search for the little boy was called off until the weather improved. Dante and Dasher weren’t found until 15 hours after his parents realized he was missing. The little boy didn’t have a scratch on him. Below is the very moment that mother and son were reunited.

Dolphins that double up as lifeguards

Professional surfer Todd Endris has a pod of dolphins to thank for him still being alive after he was attacked by a 16-foot great white shark back in 2007. Although he struggled mercilessly to escape the shark’s clutches, Todd couldn’t muster the energy he needed to do so. To his surprise, members of the pod surrounded him and kept the shark at a distance. They did so until the injured surfer was at the shoreline, and could receive the appropriate first aid.

Cher Ami, the carrier pigeon

Cher Ami was one of 600 homing pigeons that assisted the Signal Corps of the US Army during the First World War. She flew dozens of combat flights, and delivered 12 messages of particular importance during her career.

Her last flight took place in October 1918, during the Meuse-Argonne offensive. German infantry shot at her as she emerged from some brush while taking off, and they managed to hit her. She was shot through the breast, blinded in one eye, and had one of her legs hanging by a tendon, but this heroic bird managed to make it to her final destination with her message.

This led to the salvation of 194 soldiers of the 77th Infantry Division that had become cut off from their fighting comrades nearby. She was decorated with various military honors, but succumbed to her injuries in June 1919.

The just lions

It took three lions to foil the forced marriage of a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl back in 2005. Apparently the lions saw the men beating the little girl, so they kicked them away and turned to guarding her.

She was only found in the jungle a week later, still under the protection of the three lions that had found her. They were said to have retreated when the police found her, however they only went back into the jungle when she was safely returned home.

A heroic dog

A German Shepherd-Collie mix named Geo is responsible for saving his human, then-10-year-old Charlie Riley, from almost certain death when he was just seven months old. In a horrific hit-and-run incident, a truck suddenly mounted the curb of the pavement where Charlie was playing. Luckily, Geo pushed the boy out of the way just in time, bearing the brunt of the blow from the advancing truck himself.

In his rush to escape the scene, the truck driver had to hit Geo one more time before he sped off. This meant he suffered a broken leg and fractured spine, amongst a range of internal injuries. After a long period of rehabilitation, and many thousands of dollars spent, Geo made a full recovery.


The cat-nurse

Rademenes, the cheeky-looking black cat pictured in the photo, first arrived at the shelter suffering from upper respiratory tract disease, leaving him in excruciating pain. His owners wished to put him down, however the veterinarians at the shelter thought the little fellow should have a second chance.

Not only did he make a fully recovery, but Rademenes has also taken to looking after the other four-legged patients at the shelter. He helps nurse cats and dogs back to health by hugging them and warming them up as they rest and recover. Members of staff at the shelter have claimed that animals under Rademenes’ care seem to recover much faster than the others.


Content and Image Source: Brightside


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