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Meet Queso, the Reversing Pit Bull

Many of us have an irrational fear or two, but apparently so do dogs, as is evidenced by Queso the pit bull. According to his owners, Queso is a very good natured, wonderful dog, however he does have one weird quirk about him – he has a crippling fear of doorways. Getting the pup to walk through one is apparently like Mission Impossible.

Although they have absolutely no idea why Queso has the bizarre phobia that he does, his owners say they noticed it as soon as they adopted him. Luckily for him, while he hasn’t quite conquered his fear yet, Queso has figured out a hilarious way of traversing doorways without having to face them head-on. As you’ll see in the following video, he “reverses” through them as and when he needs to, leading to many laughs:

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