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30 Cute Kittens Photographed, All Dressed-Up

 Kittens probably are the cutest of all the creatures in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't improve upon nature! Here are 30 wonderful and oh-so cute kittens who've been dressed up to look so fluffy I can hardly bear looking at them for too long. Some of the looks on these pusses' faces are just priceless!
What are you doing!
2 little-speckled frogs...
King of the jungle?
Santa's most useless helper.
I don't care if you're furry, I'm knitting you this!
A little charmer.
Admiral-able effort!
Caught with its trousers down.
The little un's always get cheeky at bed time.
Howdy, partner!
This cat knows, where there's rain, there's worms, there's birds...
Hello, kitt..pussy!
Yeah! It's our 2 weeks birthday!
We've got a (purr)ringer!
I'm not a cat, I'm a wizard!
Just grab a t-shirt and take it easy.
Pat-a-cat, pat-a-cat...
Please, sir. I want some more.
I am one handsome cat!
The only way I'm letting a frog into my house...
So, how did you enjoy your first shower?
Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
Rapunzel the cat.
These 5 kittens are getting good use out of my sock drawer.
It's wonder kitten!
A dignified, possibly Victorian, puss.
Look closely, it's not Eeyore.
Beautiful star paws.
May I have THIS dance?
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