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20 Very Unusual Pets

 Most of us like to have a pet in the house, they give us so much love in return for our care that it's always a good deal. But usually we stick to the animals that are suited to a domestic life with us. However, there are exceptions to everything, as these brave pet owners can testify. These are 20 of oddest pets I have ever seen. I just had to laugh when I saw what some people's idea of a pet is!
It doesn't quite blend in, but close.
This lady rules the roost.
Most people have never even heard of a capybara...
Dear, o deer, when will my train arrive?
Beauty and the beast.
A quiet evening in - just in case...
Love is in the air.
She calls him Sylvester.
I'm also a fan of 'The Pythons', but not these!
A domestic incident.
He never acknowledges me, he just checks his phone.
A hippo? In a house?
She made a snap decision to get this pet.
Smiles all around.
Someone didn't see The Lion King.
Spot the odd one out.
Oh no! Not 'walkies' time again.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
This llama can't believe its luck.
Go Go goat!
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