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20 Beautiful Photographs of the Welsh Coast

 Wales is such a beautiful part of Great Britain that I often wish I could visit it again. When they visit the UK, most people spend time in London, the Lake District or Scotland, but very few make the trip to Wales. If you've never considered seeing this great country, these 20 photographs of its marvelous coasts are sure to plant the idea firmly in your mind. Don't worry though - you won't need to learn any Welsh. They speak English even better than their neighbors in England do!
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1. Nefyn, Gwynedd
Many people have heard of Wales' glorious mountains and handsome valleys, but there is even more to the country than this.
2. Porth Wen, Anglesey
Wales shares a border with England, but shares its beautiful coasts with no one!
3. Rhossili Bay Beach, Swansea
Though the population is quite small, the country is not tiny. Its empty beaches stretch for many miles.
4. Tenby Harbour, Pembrokeshire
There are many inviting towns and villages that love to welcome eager guests to their beautiful country.
5. Watwick Bay, Pembrokeshire
Some of the views are so spectacular you might think you're in Greece or Sicily.
6. Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire
The land and its coasts are host to such fascinating wildlife.
7. St. Govan's Chapel, Pembrokeshire
Furthermore, Wales is a land with a rich military and religious history.
8. Mwnt Beach, Ceredigion
You'll be able to get away from the bustle of England's cities, taking in all the sunshine and sea air your body needs.
9. Llandudno Pier, Conwy
Here, when lights shine, there is no other light pollution to drown them out.
10. Talacre Lighthouse, Flintshire
You may discover interesting relics of previous ages as you stroll along the beach.
11. The Green Bridge of Wales, Pembrokeshire
Some of the cliffs will blow you away with their utter magnificence.
12. Portmeirion, Gwynedd
Some of the port towns have such variety that you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere similar in the whole world.
13. The Blue Lagoon, Pembrokeshire
Did you ever think they had such blue waters in Great Britain? They do in Wales.
14. Llangrannog Beach, Ceredigion
Though North and South Wales are quite different in many respects, one thing they have in common is the beaches that act as a bridge, uniting two otherwise disparate worlds.
15. Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea
Wales, being a land without neon extravagance, is the perfect place from which to gaze at the night sky.
16. Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd
If you love to see grand old castles, you'll find Wales is the place for you.
17. Monknash Coast, Vale of Glamorgan
The photographs you could snap here would be shared happily by everyone you know.
18. Elegug Stacks, Pembrokeshire
How is it that such grandeur has escaped the notice of so many travelers?
19. Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire
I heartily recommend that you visit Wales.
20. Gyrn Goch, Gwynedd
You'll really love it if you enjoy a good walk. So, pack a sturdy pair of walking boots!
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