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8 of Frida Kahlo's Most Memorable Quotes

 Frida Kahlo de Rivera (1907-1954) was a Mexican surrealist painter who is best remembered for her self-portraits. When she was 18, she suffered serious injuries when the bus she was riding in collided with a trolley car. In addition to breaking multiple bones, she suffered bouts of extreme pain for the rest of her life, and was unable to bear children as a result of it. When the pain came, she sometimes ended up bedridden for months on end, and it was this solitude that inspired her best work.


As if suffering life-threatening injuries wasn't enough, Kahlo was also known for her volatile marriage to Mexican artist Diego Rivera. It goes without saying that this lady did not have an easy life, fraught with fragile health and tumultuous personal relationships. Despite it all, her inner beauty always shone through, as you will see through these beautiful inspirational quotes about love and life that she left the world to ponder over:

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