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Ready to Disco with the Bee Gees?

 Consisting of British brothers Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb, The Bee Gees formed in 1958, and crafted a long career notable for two distinct periods of success. They first came to prominence as a psychedelic pop group in the late 60s, achieving a string of hits, typically led by Robin's crisp vocals.

However, they are probably best known for becoming the biggest disco band in the world in the mid-to-late 70s, when Barry's unmistakable falsetto and the band's incredible harmonies gave them a host of number 1 singles across the world, including 9 in the USA. Here you can enjoy 15 of their greatest songs, some of which really did define an era.


Night Fever (1977)
Featured in the film Saturday Night Fever, this disco standard reached no.1 in 7 countries and was a top 10 hit in 15 others.
How Deep Is Your Love? (1977)
One of the band's best loved and most successful ballads, Barry Gibb has said that How Deep Is Your Love? is his favorite Bee Gees song.
You Should Be Dancing (1976)
You Should be Dancing is credited as being the song that first launched the Bee Gees into disco.
More Than A Woman (1977)
Another song that was used in Saturday Night Fever, although the band did not release the song as a single, it is loved the world over.
Stayin' Alive (1977)
Stayin' Alive was a massive worldwide hit, becoming the 2nd of 6 consecutive number 1s in the USA and spawning a famous dance.
Tragedy (1979)
Tragedy reached the top 10 in 21 countries and has become a disco classic.
Words (1968)
Words was one of the The Bee Gees' earliest hits and has been covered by many artists over several decades.
Too Much Heaven (1979)
The brothers wrote touching love song Too Much Heaven for the 'Music for Unicef' charity event in 1979.
Jive Talkin' (1975)
Jive Talkin' was considered to be the band's comeback single after their period of hiatus in the early 1970s.
New York Mining Disaster 1941 (1967)
New York Mining Disaster 1941 was the band's first proper single and a favorite of Paul McCartney's.
If I Can't Have You (1977)
If I Can't Have You? was a yearning love song set to a disco tune that was also featured in Saturday Night Fever.
You Win Again (1987)
The band continued to record sporadically in the 80s, and this catchy, melodic song was one of their biggest hits of the decade.
To Love Somebody (1967)
Written by Barry and Robin, To Love Somebody was the 2nd single released from The Bee Gees' debut album.
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