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23 Cute Dogs That Put Their Noses Through Holes in Fences

 There's nothing funnier than seeing a cuddly, fur faced friend pop its inquisitive head through a hole in a wall, fence or hedge, is there? Here are 22 funny-as-anything dogs that just want to see what's going on over on the other side of the wall. Just look at their cheeky grinning faces and innocent eyes as they peer right back at you. We've caught you, mister!
Can you remove this fence from my neck?
Hey, watch where you walk!
We are here to make some Japanese school kids smile
Come on over, we're having a barbecue
Sure I can get myself through here...
Told you she was gorgeous, buddies!
Bushing his luck
If I just turn myself like a corkscrew...
Get out of my yard!
A nosey parker
Wait, where's the hole?
Who put this brick here?
Have you seen a cat anywhere, kids?
I want to cuddle this one!
Told you this was fun!
If I keep chewing, I'll be coming over
Hey, how you doing neighbor?
Do you see what I smell?
Are you decent?
Put the camera down and get a shovel, please!
Fency seeing you here!
Snout and about
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