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Cute and Hilarious Photos of Klutzy Cats

 Cats are among the most graceful and exquisite of creatures: it's for this reason that even when they are antisocial and rude we still find a place for them in our homes and in our hearts. Yet these cats here are not quite as uppity as their higher class betters. Rather, they are cheeky little fur balls that are less interested in how gorgeous they look than they are determined to make us laugh at them! Just look at these ridiculous felines!
Why are people mistrustful of my cat?
'Cheese, sir?'
Less like a cat, more like a bat.
Don't stick your tongue out at me!
He saw me doing my sit ups and began to copy.
This is what happens after a cat nip party.
'So, how do you humans drink? Like this...?'
No, pussy cat. No.
Why did I install a cat flap on the bathroom door?
The beauty of sleep
'Tell it again! Tell it again!'
'If I hear another Christmas carol...'
I thought I ordered take away chicken.
Heads or tails?
Paw little pussy cat!
I can't stand being a cat - I want to be a rabbit.
Ah! When we get home from this hard war...
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