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Line-X Is Truly Astonishing

Imagine if you could make an object of your choice almost indestructible with a few sprays of an aerosol can. Line-X has been the company to bring that into reality, with its industrial strength coating that’s mainly used for application on truck beds or other car parts that require maximum protection, however it has other applications too, most notably being sprayed on the walls of the Pentagon in order to prevent injury and death in the event of a bomb attack.

Other military applications include armoring Humvees, creating spall protection for soldiers and protecting emergency response vehicles. If you happen to own an off-road vehicle that you enjoy putting through its paces, you can also order Line-X in different colors and textures. The spray is also used for industrial, agricultural, residential, recreational and commercial applications.

In addition to its truly amazing ability of creating an almost-indestructible coating on anything it’s applied to, polyutherane-based Line-X is impact-absorbing, sound-dampening and doesn’t crack, peel or bubble.

In the video below, you’ll see bouncing cantaloupes and eggs, as well as a plastic cup being stood on with the full weight of a young lady in a truly astonishing display of strength:

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