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3 egg trick videos you should learn right now

 Eggs are loved by many the world over for their versatility and sheer deliciousness, and these unbelievable tips that I'm about to show you will boost your appreciation for them even more. Did you ever think that you could bake an egg inside a scone, or scramble the internal contents of one with the shell still intact? Things are about to get eggsiting, so enlighten yourself with these incredible egg tricks that you really have to see to believe: 


Scones are a tasty treat in their own right, but have you ever thought of the possibility of baking them with an entire, perfectly-cooked baked egg in the middle of it? Watch this amazingly easy recipe for baking six scones with a whole baked egg in the middle of each of them: 


This incredible egg trick is really good fun to try out. I'll give you a hint - there's going to be some swinging involved! You should try serving these at the breakfast table and watch your guests' jaws drop: 

Last but not least, I've also found a way of preventing hard-boiled eggs from cracking in a pot of boiling water. This annoying problem is both wasteful and time-consuming, but once you know the secret ingredient that you should use in order to stop this, you'll never have to worry about cracked eggs ever again: 

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