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Homemade Laundry Whitening Recipe

 How many times have I bought a sparkling white item of clothing, blown away by its blinding brilliance, only to see it somehow attract all kinds of grubby stains! So many of my favorite items of clothing have lost their pristine white glory, and not one of the pricey supermarket solutions has ever restored any of them. Well, this will no longer be a problem because I have come across a simply stunning whiteness laundry solution. Try this, and your spoiled items can once again be garments fit for angels.


A Laundry Solution Sent from Heaven

There are few things more depressing than opening your washing machine or dryer to see your white garment or fabric has not been properly cleaned of stains. It can be so embarrassing that you throw them out, never wanting anyone to see you wearing or using such apparently dirty materials. It’s all such a waste. Or at least it was until this heavenly pure whiteness solution was invented and proved to achieve brilliant results. 

homemade laundry whitening
Take note of the following ingredients, purchasing what you need, and do a trial run with a particularly grubby and old white fabric. Take a 'before photo' and put it through the procedure laid out below. Then take an 'after photo' and just see what amazing results you have achieved. 
• Extremely hot water (just enough to cover your items – not too much)
• 1 cup laundry detergent (from the store or homemade)
• 1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent
• 1 cup bleach
• 1/2 cup borax
homemade laundry whitening
1. Put your washing machine, loaded with your formerly white item(s), on its hottest possible setting. You may also add some boiled water yourself. But remember to just barely cover your items. If you add too much water the solution will be too diluted to effect the whitening you desire.
2. After the wash has been completed, you will want to let it soak for a very long time. Anywhere between a couple of hours to overnight will achieve superb results.
Note: If your washing machine is not able to soak items for a long amount of time, it is suggested that you instead soak your item(s) in a big hot pan of water, or any huge container you have. 
3. Now dry your item(s) and compare the whiteness with what it was before you started the wash. This solution is guaranteed to restore any stained item’s hidden whiteness back to its pristine best.
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