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These Optical Illusions Have the Internet Stumped - Can You Work Them Out?

 Optical illusions always seem to baffle me. Try as I might to figure them out, I am unable to. I always find myself in awe as to how they actually work - these three optical illusions in particular. Can you solve the mysteries that you're about to see? Watch the videos below:

1. The shape-shifting cylinders

Since it was first posted on the internet, this ambiguous cylinder illusion has had viewers baffled. Watch how these objects change when placed in front of a mirror. Can you figure it out?



The Explanation: Though they look like vertical cylinders, their sections appear to be different: in one view they appear to be rectangles, but in the other, they appear to be circles. So how is this optical illusion pulled off? The video below explains how it works:



2. These objects appear to be 3D

Nothing appears abnormal about the items on the table. But what we've really got here is an anamorphic illusion. See if you can figure the trick out, by pausing the video at 23 seconds.



The Explanation: Anamorphic illusions trick the brain into seeing a 3D object that actually is as flat as paper. It's incredible that even when the objects are zoomed into closely by an HD camera, they still appear to be 3D objects.


3. Do you make assumptions?

Our brains can easily be fooled. As you're about to see, nothing is as it seems. Watch the room in this video change as psychologist and mentalist Richard Wiseman strips away the assumptions that you have made. Prepare to have your mind blown:



The Explanation: This mind trick fools us into believing that what we are seeing is a room with ordinary objects. It's amazing to think what camera positioning, lighting and depth can do to trick our minds into assuming that what we are seeing is nothing out of the ordinary.


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