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Taking Extra Precautions on the Interstate

An old woman’s car got a flat tire on the interstate one day, so she eased it over onto the shoulder of the road. 


She carefully stepped out of the car and opened the trunk. She then took out two cardboard men, unfolded them and stood them at the rear of the vehicle facing oncoming traffic. The lifelike cardboard men were in trench coats exposing their nude bodies to approaching drivers.


Not surprisingly, the traffic became snarled and backed up. It wasn't very long before a police car arrived. 


The officer, clearly enraged, approached the little old lady, yelling, "What is going on here?" 

"My car broke down, officer," she said calmly. 

"Well, what the hell are these obscene cardboard pictures doing here by the road?!" asked the officer.

"Mr. Officer, those are my emergency flashers!" she replied.



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