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You'll be the Talk of the Town After You Serve These

Summer is a time for cookouts, get-togethers and general fun in the sun. Thinking about all the savory treats you're going to serve to your guests usually isn't too difficult, but have you ever stopped to think about the most pertinent sweet one you can serve at the height of the heat? I recently served these sorbet slices, made out of hollowed-out grapefruits, during a cookout, and my guests absolutely loved them. Now it's your turn to try making this refreshing, incredibly elegant and delicious dessert. Here's how:


What you'll need 

  • Grapefruits (1 grapefruit = 6 servings. For instance, if you have 18 people coming over, you'll need 3 grapefruits)
  • Sorbets of your choice (suggestions: strawberry, raspberry, lemon) 
  • Plastic wrap 


How to make them 

1. Halve the grapefruits you're going to be using and hollow out their cores. 

2. Fill the grapefruit halves with a sorbet of your choice. 

3. Smooth over the edges of the grapefruit halves with a spatula, then cover them in plastic wrap. 

4. Place the grapefruit halves in the freezer and leave them to solidify. 

5. Slice the grapefruit halves into thirds and serve ice-cold on your best platter. 


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