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These 12 Things Are for Living Happily Ever After...

 Finding a soul-mate that we can live happily ever after with is arguably one of life's ultimate dreams, however only a few of us ever get to realize this reality. Issues of incompatibility, infidelity or an unwillingness to compromise can arise at any time, however relationships also fail because of both of the parties involved refusing to do the groundwork to maintain them. Here are 12 steps for achieving a relationship you'll value for the rest of your life:
1. Fall asleep in each other's arms every night 
The physical bond between two people isn't perhaps spoken about as much as it should be. The reality is that the more time we spend in our lover's arms, the more attached we get. 
2. Be attentive 
From time to time, either our significant others or ourselves need to give the other person their undivided attention. Whether it's through sickness or another vulnerability, we're obliged to be there to do what we can on their behalf. 
3. Always find a compromise
Every so often, we need to learn to meet in the middle. Even if both parties' opinions on something seem like they're poles apart, there's always a way to meet halfway. We just have to give each other the opportunity to express ourselves and let there be clear understanding. 
4. Allow each other to be alone
While two people who are deeply in love desire to be together as much as possible, this doesn't mean that alone-time has to take a back seat. In fact, it's healthy for people in a relationship to have some time to themselves every now and again. 
5. Believe in each other 
Showing belief in one another will only serve to strengthen a relationship that's already strong. It's a key form of support that's vital for maintaining a relationship. 
6. Forgive each other 
All of us make mistakes now and again, and while one person's actions may hurt the other's, there should always be room for forgiveness if there is genuine caring and love in the relationship. 
7. Respect each other's dreams 
Dreams are what motivate us to better ourselves and achieve our goals. The support of our loved one in this regard, and vice versa, will ensure that we get there and become the best people we can possibly be. 
8. Compliment each other 
Don't hold back from telling your significant other if they're looking especially great on a given day or at a given time. The novelty of a compliment from someone you really love never wears off despite the passage of time. 
9. Share your worries and fears 
Worries, insecurities and fears are part and parcel of life, and it's just unrealistic to believe that they'll go away all by themselves. Those of us who are lucky enough to share a beautiful bond with a significant other should feel at ease to speak our minds and let them know what we're going through. 
10. Support each other, whatever the problem 
When our significant other is experiencing difficulty and strife in their own life, it is our duty to support them in whatever way we can. Showing selflessness towards each other by being there when we're needed can only make things better. 
11. Don't blame each other 
If something happens in the context of a relationship, both parties might be quick to try and blame each other for what went wrong. As long as a situation gets resolved and you can move forward, then that's all that really matters. 
12. Never give up, even if you don't succeed 
Life throws many a hurdle at us, but that doesn't mean that it should weaken our resolve toward our personal and collective success. Keep individual and collective goals firmly in mind, and pursue them together relentlessly. 
Words by: Jake Schembri 
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