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Sink Your Teeth Into This Easy-to-Prepare Oreo Ice Cream Cake


Ice creams can be pretty expensive. But why buy them when they can be easily made at home for a lot less. This Oreo ice cream cake is very easy to make and it's also better than the store-bought frozen dessert. Once you've prepared the Oreo ice cream (see the first recipe listed beneath the video) putting it together with the cookies is pretty easy and will only take you 10 minutes to prepare. There's no denying that after you've sunk your teeth into this heavenly dessert, you'll be craving it all summer long. Tantalize your taste buds by watching the video below and be sure to save the recipe listed beneath the video. Bon appétit! 
Recipe 1: Oreo Vanilla Ice Cream


•    1 cup whole milk, very cold
•    2/3 cup sugar
•    2 cups heavy cream, very cold
•    2 teaspoon vanilla extract
•    1 cup crumbled Oreo cookies


1. Whisk the milk and sugar together in a bowl until the sugar has thoroughly dissolved.  Add the heavy cream and the vanilla. 
2. Transfer the mix into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then stir in the crumbled Oreos and let it sit in the freezer in an airtight container for a further 2 to 3 hours. 
To make the Oreo ice cream cake, proceed with the next recipe:
Recipe 2: Oreo Ice Cream Cake
oreo ice cream cake

•    1/2 carton Oreo ice cream (as indicated above)
•    17 Oreo cookies
•    3 cups of whipped cream (or about 2/3 an 8-oz container of Cool Whip)
•    6 chocolate Graham crackers
•    1 1/2 cups chocolate 
•    For the Ganache:
•    16 oz chocolate {roughly 2 2/3 cup}
•    1 cup heavy whipping cream
•    1/2 cup butter

oreo ice cream cake
1. Line a bread pan with foil and place the Graham crackers at the bottom of the pan. Top with 1 inch of ice cream.
2. Spread 1 cup whipped cream over the top of the ice cream and press whole Oreo cookies into the whipped cream. Then top with a small layer of whipped cream 
3. Top with a further 2 layers of 1-inch ice cream and the remaining Graham crackers. Then spread the remaining 1 cup of whipped over the crackers. 
4. Cover and freeze for a couple of hours, but preferably overnight. Then, remove the cake from the bread pan and place it on a tray or serving plate. Pour about 1 cup of chocolate ganache and crush any remaining Oreo cookies. Enjoy!
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