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Time to take a photographic walk back in time...

  Since its inception back in 1888, National Geographic magazine has graced the world with many a stunning image. Despite such a long publication run to date, the magazine has only been able to publish a small fraction of the images it has in its archives. That all changed in 2013, which was the year that marked the 125th anniversary since the magazine was launched. As part of the celebrations, the "Found" project resulted in the release of many photos that would have otherwise remained unseen. We've cherry-picked some of the best photos to emerge from the project just for you: 
Irish guards stand to attention in spite of a comrade falling unconscious, London, England, 1966
American bison make their way through a blizzard in Yellowstone National Park, USA, 1967
A stone wave formed by rain and wind erosion, Western Australia, 1963 
Blooming tulips by a canal, Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1931 
Birds flutter out of a courtyard en masse, Old Havana, Cuba, 1987
Lovers embrace in the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, 1960
An Alaskan malamute puppy has its teeth checked at the South Pole, Antarctica, 1957
John F. Kennedy's casket beneath the dome of the US Capital Building, Washington DC, USA, 1963
Girls smile with bouquets of lotus flowers in hand, Iowa, USA, 1938 
A girl rides atop a Hereford bull, Pleasanton, California, USA, 1926
A rainbow forms over Victoria Falls, Zambia, date unknown 
A boy sells lemonade to passers-by in Aspen, Colorado, USA, 1973 
Neil Armstrong floats in a pool as part of his training, location unknown, 1967
A sailor receives his first tattoo, Virginia, USA, date unknown 
 The Statue of Liberty guards New York Harbor at dawn, New York City, USA, 1978 
Children play in the background as women carry baskets on their heads, Kotak, Mali, 1991 
Four boys bob for apples, Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA, 1939 
A sled dog howls under the midnight sun, Alaska, USA, 1969 
A man assembles traffic lights, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, 1947
People take in stunning Adriatic scenery, Trieste, Italy, 1956
Princess Grace of Monaco caught in a pensive moment, Monaco, 1962
A hot air balloon makes its way over Cook Inlet, Alaska, USA, 1986 
Four cobras all tied up, location unknown, 1970 
Long shadows are cast over Saint Lawrence River, central Canada, 1974
Boys and girls play on a beach on the Côte d'Azur, France, 1936
A large group of young friends enjoy a pool in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 1941 
Pedestrians make their way through neon-lit street in Dotomburi, Osaka, Japan, 1970 
The Gate of Heavenly Peace is shrouded in mist, Beijing, China, 1978 
Surfers clamor for the next big wave, Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia, 1963
Tourists ease their way down a natural stone bridge, Mount Rainier, Washington State, USA, 1963
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