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These 8 Short Prayers Help Bring About Peace Within Me


Prayer is my way of conversing with God. At any moment - no matter where I am - I use prayer to start my day off right, to express my gratitude for the good things in my life, to ask for guidance when I am going through hardships, and at night before I lay my head down to sleep. In such moments, I have found that saying a short prayer brings about peace within me. I have therefore put together eight of my favorite prayers, in the hope that you too will find peace. 


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When your heart starts to worry

And your mind just can't rest,

Put your prayers down on paper

And let God do the rest. 

Prayer to Start the Day 
Prayer Photos
Prayer for Serenity 
Prayer Photos
Prayer for Friends and Family 
Prayer Photos
Prayer to Overcome Fear 
Prayer Photos
Prayer for Encouragement 
Prayer Photos
Prayer for Strength 
Prayer Photos
Prayer to Express Gratitude 
Prayer Photos
Prayer for a Good Night's Sleep
Prayer Photos
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