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10 Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones

 A hormonal imbalance can affect many aspects of your health. Some common side effects include infertility, weight gain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, a low libido, as well as hair loss and hair thinning. Thankfully there are ways to balance your hormones naturally. Here are 10 natural ways to heal your hormones:
1. Consume a raw carrot a day 
hormone balance
Too much estrogen in the body is usually the cause of hormonal imbalances, but a carrot a day will naturally help balance hormones. Raw carrots contain a unique fiber which helps detox excess estrogen from the body. This tip is especially useful for women who suffer from PMS (premenstrual symptoms such as migraines). 
2. Avoid vegetable oils
Keep your hormones balanced by excluding margarine and plant oils from your diet. Vegetable oils are extremely high in omega-6, which if consumed regularly can cause inflammation within the body. Nevertheless, some omega 6 in the diet is necessary, but too much can wreak havoc on hormone balance, creating widespread inflammation. Rather than upping your omega-6 intake, increase your omega-3, as this will help keep inflammation to a minimum.
3. Include more liver in your diet
hormone balance
Liver is packed with nutrients. It provides the highest source of vitamin A, one of the most valuable vitamins to balance hormones. Vitamin A also helps improve thyroid function, which in turn improves liver health enabling the body to synthesize and detox hormones effectively. To reap the benefits, enjoy two to four servings of pastured liver each week. 
4. Try not to overwork your adrenal glands
Dietary and lifestyle choices may overwork the adrenal glands, making them unable to keep up with their hormone production, leading to adrenal fatigue (a symptom of which is PMS). All hormones are interconnected, but thyroid hormones work hand in hand with the adrenal glands. So, if your adrenals are stressed, your thyroid will be affected too. 
5. Go for a walk in the country
hormone balance
Address your exercise habits to keep your hormones working effectively. Constant jogging, running, spinning classes and Cross Fit can cause undue stress on your body. However, walking in natural environments is both restorative and invigorating, providing an ideal exercise for balancing hormones. Walking in nature has also been shown to reduce cortisol (a stress hormone) and boosts the immune system. High cortisol levels cause inflammation in the body, creating a hormonal imbalance. 
6. Get the water you need from consuming foods
As opposed to drinking eight glasses of water per day, get the water you need from nutrient-rich water foods instead. Drinking too much water can deplete electrolytes and cause premature aging of the skin. Consuming foods with a high water content helps balance hormones naturally, while also supporting the thyroid and the adrenal glands. 
7. Stop eating products that contain soy
hormone balance
Studies show that soy can disrupt hormones, may cause inflammation and a leaky gut and more often than not, soy tends to be genetically modified. Furthermore, soy consumption has been found to have toxic effects on hormonal balance and general health. 
8. Spend a few moments each day with your legs up against the wall
A regular yoga practice, or stretching, often can benefit the body in many ways. One particular yoga pose which involves keeping your legs up against the wall has a profound ability to balance hormones naturally. The lymphatic circulation in the lower body is maximized in this pose. Often referred to as the garbage disposal of the body, the lymphatic system collects and carries lymphatic fluid, eliminating toxins from the body. Sitting all day can cause the lymph fluid to become stagnant and toxins to collect. Therefore, reversing the flow of gravity in your legs can encourage the circulation of the lymphatic fluid. 
9. Eat egg yolks to balance hormones
hormone balance

Egg yolks contain valuable nutrition and are extremely beneficial to our bodies. In fact, they are packed with nutrients that help balance hormones, including vitamin A, vitamin D, and Selenium (necessary for the conversion of thyroid hormones from inactive to active). 

10. Gelatin can help improve hormone imbalance
Gelatin contains a unique profile of beneficial amino acids that helps balance hormones. It is best consumed alongside a portion of meat. Therefore, with every large serving of meat, include 5 or 10 grams of gelatin. Doing so will boost the amino acids that enter the blood stream. Gelatin has also been shown to support a healthy thyroid function and thyroid hormones, which work together with all other hormones in the body. So, in supporting the thyroid, it supports balanced hormones in general. 


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