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17 Things to Never Do in the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually a wonderful place, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it's easy to make mistakes that could turn it into a hazardous environment. Hot surfaces may burn you, sharp objects can cut you, and if you don’t pay attention, your food will burn to a crisp, and may even start a fire. This is why I’ve gathered this advice from expert chefs and home cooks, who've learned from their mistakes.

Cooking Tips

1. Never try to catch a falling knife. Instead, take a step back to make sure it doesn’t fall on your foot.

2. Never add flour or starch to hot liquids. It’ll end up forming clumps that are very difficult to clean. Instead, mix them in with cold or lukewarm liquids before adding them to heat.

3. Never use wet oven mitts. Wet fabric conducts heat much better than dry fabric. The same goes for towels.

4. Never put a hot glass dish or container on a wet surface. Doing this can cause the glass to shatter due to the temperature difference.

5. Never use a knife to scrape food off a cutting board. It’ll dull the knife’s edge and ruin it.

Cooking Tips

6. Baking powder and baking soda are not interchangeable. They’re not the same thing, so trying to substitute one for the other can ruin a whole dish.

7. Wash your hands after preparing hot peppers. Your eyes will thank you for doing so.

8. Don’t try beating egg whites when there’s no yolk. This simply doesn’t work, so save yourself the frustration.

9. Never stir rice while making it, unless you’re making risotto. Good rice needs to remain unstirred.

10. Never put good, sharp knives in the dishwasher. The high temperatures damage the metal and blunt the edge. A good knife should be hand washed only.

Cooking Tips

11. Never cut into a steak straight after you have cooked it. Give it some time to cool down and seal in the fluids.

12. Never use the same knife to cut vegetables and meat, unless you’re going to wash it in between. Uncooked meat contains a lot of bacteria, and you don’t want it on your vegetables. The same thing goes for the cutting board.

13. Never dip your finger in food to taste it or check if it’s hot. Our fingers are swarming with bacteria and microbes you don’t want in your food. Use a metal spoon instead.

14. Never ever allow your children to cut hard things with a dull knife. You may think it’s safer for them to use a dull knife, but it’s actually more likely to lead to injury.

15. Never use metallic utensils on a non-stick surface. Metallic cutlery can scratch and ruin the non-stick coating.

Cooking Tips

16. Never chop food in up/down motions. Only use a sliding motion to prevent damage to the blade and yourself.

17. Never open the oven door if you see fire inside. Fire needs oxygen, and opening the door gives it a fresh supply. Instead, let the fire die down on its own. If the fire doesn’t die down, call the firefighters.


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