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15 Fantastic Locations in Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia, and is home to over 1.65 million people. It has a long and turbulent history, stretching as far back as the 6th millennium BC. Various conquerors and rulers have left their mark on the city, however, it also has a modern face that continues to evolve. Here are 15 places you must visit when in Belgrade: 
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Beogradjanka, or Belgrade Palace in English, is a high-rise building in the downtown area of the city. Completed in 1974, almost the entire building is operated by the City of Belgrade. A department store and two television stations also call the building home. Plans are currently afoot to give Beogradjanka a brand-new facade, bringing it in line with the modern face of the city. 
RužicaRužica Church
This beautiful Serbian Orthodox church is located within the Kalemegdan Fortress, which you will see more of later in this post. The invading Ottomans destroyed the 16th Century church that originally stood on the site, however, a second church was constructed in the latter half of the 19th Century. It was damaged heavily during the First World War, before being renovated in 1925. 
Belgrade City Library 
The city's library is located within a beautiful 19th Century building that started off life as an up-market hotel. The building is significant because it marks the beginning of the Europeanization of Belgrade following several centuries of Ottoman rule. It contains an eclectic mix of architectural styles, with Renaissance featuring most prominently. 
Belgrade Docks 
Located on the River Danube, Belgrade Docks is a hive of activity during the day. It's said to be able to handle some 3 million tons of cargo per year. 
Progres Gallery
The Progres gallery opened in 1996, yet it remains the city's premier art gallery. It exhibits many different forms of artistic expression, from painting, to sculpture, photography and design. The works on display are by both local and international artists. 
Hotel Moskva 
The Moskva lies in the heart of downtown Belgrade, and is one of the city's landmark buildings. In fact, the 132-room hotel has been under government protection due to its architectural significance since 1968. 
Kalemegdan Fortress 
The earliest reference to the site where the fortress stands today dates back to the 3rd Century BC. In 535 AD, Byzantine Emperor, Justinian I, had the fortress rebuilt, however, the building that stands on the site today primarily dates back to the 18th Century. For much of the city's history, its entire population actually lived within the fortress' walls. 
Knez Mihailova Street
This street makes up the core of Belgrade's main pedestrian and shopping district. It is protected under Serbian law due to its great cultural importance. 
Miljakovac Neighborhood 
A neighborhood that over 18,000 people call home, Miljakovac, is located on the outskirts of a wood with the same name. The Kanarevo Brdo neighborhood borders it to the north, whereas the Rakovica neighborhood borders it to the west. 
New Belgrade
This district of the city didn't even exist until 1947, however since then, it has become its commercial hub. It's also the second most populous municipality in the entire nation of Serbia. 
New Bridge 
Completed in 2012, this bridge is the only link between the municipalities of New Belgrade and Čukarica. The bridge and its associated infrastructure is reported to have cost about 450 million Euros. 
House of the National Assembly of Serbia
The building where the nation of Serbia is governed from took no less than 29 years to build, after its original architect passed away as construction was ongoing. The very first parliamentary session to be held within its walls took place in October 1936. 
What started out as a restaurant opened by four friends, has turned into a brand that encompasses a bed and breakfast, a food and drinks market, and three other restaurants in the space of just a few short years. The Smokvica bed and breakfast is rated as one of the very best in Belgrade.  
Church of St. Sava 
This beautiful Serbian Orthodox church is one of the largest Christian churches in the world. It dominates Belgrade's skyline due to its positioning and sheer scale. To date, the interior remains incomplete. 
Topcider is a forest park where Belgradians go to relax. Controversies continuously rumble on in light of the government wishing to build roads and infrastructure over parts of the park.  
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