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Important Guide: How Often Do You Clean These Everyday Items?

 Have you ever stopped to consider how long everyday essential items can go before cleaning? Not all items are easy to determine whether they are due for a cleaning or not. For instance, how often do you change your bedcovers, or wipe down household appliances such as the washer and dryer? What about everyday essentials such as your purse or wallet, how often do you give them a good clean?
Your mattress may have with all sorts of bacteria and dust mites which may contribute to certain health conditions such as asthma. In addition, you probably didn't know that certain items such as a pair of jeans, need only be washed after a number of wears. In fact, washing your jeans after each wear can result in them shrinking rapidly. The chart below clearly explains how often you need to clean your things, alongside a list of instructions to help you out with your chores.
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This chart was put together by Henry Hoover.

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