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7 Timeless Beauty Tricks That Are Still Popular Today

Feeling beautiful is a state of mind – if you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful! It’s all about how you embrace the beauty within, regardless of the color of your skin or your facial features. These timeless beauty hacks have been around for ages, but they’re still found to be really effective today:


1. Use Fruit to Make a Facial Cleanser
These Beauty Tricks Are Are As Popular As Ever

If you’ve just run out of your favorite face wash and need to brighten up your skin in a hurry, you can try washing your face with mashed fruit such as strawberries, papaya, pineapple or oranges, for clean, fresh and glowing skin.


2. Bathe in Fuller’s Earth

These Beauty Tricks Are Are As Popular As Ever

Before cosmetic bath soaps and shower gels became ubiquitous throughout the world, women used to bathe in fuller’s earth. It’s also great for cleansing the face and removing skin impurities.

3. Use Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) As a Makeup Primer
These Beauty Tricks Are Are As Popular As Ever

Makeup primers are crucial for keeping skin oil at bay, while filling in fine lines and giving you a smooth canvas for you to apply your foundation to. If you’re heading out for the evening and don’t have any left, try applying Vaseline to your face instead.


4. Scrub Your Body with Sea Salt

These Beauty Tricks Are Are As Popular As Ever

Try making your own sea salt scrub at home by mixing almond oil, salt and an essential oil such as lavender. Make sure you add plenty of salt to the mixture for a semi-solid texture. Sea salt scrubs are great for exfoliating the skin, and this is evidenced by the recent proliferation of sea salt beauty care products and specialized beauty salons.

5. Get Rid of Dark Circles with Mint Leaves 
These Beauty Tricks Are Are As Popular As Ever

There’s a very good reason why mint is present in so many popular eye and face creams. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean that it’s ideal for making dark circles around the eyes disappear. Try applying crushed mint leaves to your eye contour area, or for an even greater effect, try freezing mint leaves in ice cubes, applying the cubes gently to your skin.


6. Use Talcum Powder to Add Volume to Your Hair

These Beauty Tricks Are Are As Popular As Ever

Before the advent of dry shampoo for adding volume to hair, women used to use talcum powder. It has an instant lifting effect on limp hair, meaning that you can style yours however you want without a trip to the salon, washing or conditioning.


7. Apply Ice-Cold Water to Your Face to Look Younger

These Beauty Tricks Are Are As Popular As Ever

Botox is the go-to product used for turning back the years in the present day, however pre-Botox, women simply washed their faces with ice-cold water for a refreshed and younger look. It helps firm up facial skin, constrict blood vessels and improve circulation. Applying ice cubes to your face has a similar effect.

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