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10 Plants to Repel Bugs From Your Garden

 Nothing ruins an outdoor party faster than pesky bugs, such as flies, mosquitoes or similar. While you may consider hosing down your backyard with insecticide to get rid of the critters, there's actually no need to resort to that. A few strategically-placed plants of a certain type will help you ward off insects, allowing you to dine or party in the outdoors in peace. Below are ten plants that not only will keep the insects away this coming spring - they're also herbs, which will make your next cookout a whole lot tastier! 

plants that repel bugs from the garden

1. Petunias

Plant some petunias near your vegetable garden or in a window box. They need quite a lot of sunlight, so make sure that they'll get it in the spot you intend to plant them in. They are great for repelling squash bugs, beetles and aphids. 

plants that repel bugs from the garden

2. Basil

Basil contains oil that kills mosquito eggs. Plant the herb in pots in gathering areas, as this will help ward off flies and mosquitoes. 

plants that repel bugs from the garden

3. Marigolds

Marigolds are often planted by farmers to keep pests away from their produce. Make sure yours get plenty of sun though - marigolds love it. They'll help keep mosquitoes and aphids out of your backyard.

plants that repel bugs from the garden

4. Lavender

While lavender is a heavenly scent for human beings, it is disgusting to flies, moths, and mosquitoes. Planting some lavender is ideal if your backyard gets plenty of sun. 

plants that repel bugs from the garden

5. Rosemary

The presence of rosemary in your backyard will repel mosquitoes, as well as prevent any vegetable plants you might have growing from becoming infested.

plants that repel bugs from the garden

6. Mint

Apart from its gorgeous smell, mint is great for repelling biting insects. Be aware that it's best planted in pots because it spreads like wildfire if left to its own devices. 

plants that repel bugs from the garden

7. Catnip

Catnip contains nepetalactone, and while it may attract cats, it has the exact opposite effect on bugs and can repel them efficiently. 

plants that repel bugs from the garden

8. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums contain a compound called Pyrethrin, which is an ingredient found in many commercial insect repellents designed for keeping mosquitoes, cockroaches, beetles, ticks, and silverfish at bay.

plants that repel bugs from the garden

9. Alliums

Take your pick between chives, leeks, onions, garlic, scallions, and shallots for this one, because they all fall into the allium group. Plant some of these in your backyard, and you'll soon have pretty purple, white or pink flowers blooming atop high stems. The plants will protect your backyard from slugs, flies, and worms. Beware though - alliums are highly toxic to dogs and cats.

plants that repel bugs from the garden

10. Lemongrass

Lemongrass contains an oil called citronella, and that's what gives the plant its citrus-like scent. Seeing as it enjoys plenty of sunlight, lemongrass is best to plant in the summer. 


More bug-repelling tips


  • Get rid of any standing water in your backyard.
  • Keep all food covered if you're having a cookout. 
  • Keep your trash far away from where you gather outside with friends and family. 

Content and Image Source: Hello Glow


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